How to Get Over a Reading Slump

Every single person who has at some point in their life called themself a reader understands how frustrating and maddening the concept of the books slump. Getting over a reading slump can be very hard, and can in some cases even feel impossible to overcome. So because of this i will share some of my advice for getting over a reading slump:

  • Read short stories, and shorter novels.

Reading short stories and short novels will not take you a long time, on the contrary, when you read shorter stories you will not take a long time. Once you start reading these shorter stories, you will get through them quicker, and that will get you in the mood to read more, and therefore also the mood to read longer books.

  • Reread a book you like

This is for some of the same reasons as the previous one. By rereading one of your favourite books, you wont have to ficus on character development or world building, you can instead just focus on the act of reading and getting into it again.

  • Engage in other creative activities

Another way to get back into reading, is to not even read, instead take up a creative hobby, this could be either painting or writing, or anything else. Sometimes the only thing you can do to help get over something like this is to ignore it, and hope it goes away. Writing in particular could help breed the curiosity towards reading again,  and help you come out of your reading slump.

These are just meant to be a few easy ways to come out of a reading slump, under no circumstance is this the only way to do so. This is just meant to show the ways and methods that i have used and learned to help get out of a book slump. And if nothing else works you can always just snort a line of crack.

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