Nanowrimo 2018

The first time i ever participated in NANOWRIMO was when i was 13. I no longer have the story i wrote but i can just say that i never got it to 50.000 words, and that it was horrible. I can tell that it was horrible just from the description i found on NANOWRIMO’s website. But what matters was that i started writing, and i started caring about my writing when i was young.

This also means that i have a 4 year nano writing streak that i cannot let win. So i of course have to do it this year as well. Even though i have never won a single year, I hold out the hope that this will be the year i finally write 50.000 words. I have also always been a pantser, meaning a person who does not outline anything, but as i also mentioned in my How I Outline blog post, i have recently taken up outlining. I have outlined the novel i want to write this year, and that will hopefully help me actually win this year.

So what project will i be working on? 

I will be working on a book that I have already written a couple thousand words of, and that I really like. Genre wise it’s mainly dark academia, with a magical twist. The main romance in it will be a f/f couple. That being said it will also include, some of my own experiences with compulsive heteronormativity. The story will also be written with some of the classic styles of tragedy, along with all the main characters being based on archetypes and stock characters.

My hope is that since i have already sort of started, I will be able to complete this year a lot easier, than other years where i went into nano with a loose idea and a word document.

I will leave you with an excerpt of the little i have written of the first draft so far:

Hazel looked at me, as if I had just done her the biggest betrayal, as if I was the one in this situation that had made a mistake. As if I was the one who had spent the last few nights in the Darrow guest room, making the other feel bad. I wasn’t, and I knew that, so I moved from the spot I had occupied on the floor next to her, and I walked to the desk to sit on it, next to where James was sat in the chair facing opposite the actual office chair, which Grace still sat in.

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