Nanowrimo Update

To say that nanowrimo is going well would be a lie. I had weekend practice in the first weekend of november, which caused me to do no writing over the weekend. This has then had the effect that I’ve been a little out of it ever since then, and i haven’t really been able to find any kind of motivation. Therefore i have decided that I wont focus on actually hitting 50.000 just writing every day I’m able to, in order for me to create a habit.

I have also decided that i wouldn’t let Nano get in the way of my actual school work, and since i have had a lot of assignment in the start November i have prioritesed those. I have very few left for the remaining month, so i hope that i will be able to focus a little bit more on actually doing writing for Nano.

Here’s a daily update since the start of Nano:

Day 1: 2360 words

Day 2: 2104 words

Day 3: 0 words

Day 4: 483 words

Day 5: 2057 words

Day 6: 1063 words

Day 7: 501 words

Day 8: 0 words

Day 9: 0 words

Day 10: 149 words

Day 11: 0 words.

Total word count: 8717 words

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