November Wrap Up – NANO & Mythothon

As I have said before in my A Personal Update – And Why I Hate November post, I do not like November, and this one was no different. I also mentioned in that post that i had decided to stop doing NANO because of too much pressure and stress from school. But how did November go and did i mange to read the 25 books for Mythothon?

The answer is no. I did not even read close to 25 books, I had at the start of the month told myself that I would be proud of 10 books read, but even that I didn’t do. So How many books did I actually manage to read? I read two books:

My Blog post on Doctor Faustus can be found here.

It is impossible to say that November was in any way a success for me, but I am once again naively hoping that DEcember will be better. Once I finish my project and go on christmas vacation i should hopefully have time to read just a bit more than i am right now. And maybe even write some more if we’re lucky.

On the topic of writing you all might be asking how NANO went and if I got any further than my Nanowrimo Update at the start of the month and the honest truth is that I didn’t write any more. I, Emma Jakobsen, ended NANOWRIMO and November with 8717 words written.

I can be honest and say that I’m disappointed in myself, of course I am. But what I am not disappointed in was the fact that i decided to prioritize my mental health and my school work over NANO, because when push comes to shove those are more important.

This was my short wrap up for November, I will now be heading in to the paper writing mindset, so wish me luck!

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