My 2019 Reading goals

This post will go live on the 2. Janurary which means that i should be in the throes of my 2019 reading challenge. My official goodreads reading challenge this year is 50 books, which is a lot more than last year’s challenge, which was 30 books. But i have managed to read 75 books in years prior, so i believe i can conquer 50 books.

On a less official note, my 2019 goals in term of reading are as follows:

  • Read more non-fiction.
  • Care less about what’s popular.
  • Actually read all the ancient studies books i have laying around.
  • Read more classics overall.

I also have some writing goals i wish to uphold. This year hasn’t been the best writing wise, and i really want to change that in 2019. I want to make it a habit to write at least once a week, because i know that i wont be able to write every day, but every week should work.

I want to write more short stories, I still wish to write a full length novel someday, but for the time being short stories are more my thing. I can’t explain it but there’s just something about writing short stories that i love doing.

On the topic of writing, I also have the goal that i want to release a digital zine, containing both my original art as well as my original writings, whether that be story excerpts or poetry.

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