Review: The Curses by Laure Eve

If there is no belief, there is no will. No will, no power. Nothing can be created from doubt.

I read The Graces just after Christmas of 2016 and I loved it. I loved the descriptions in it, and in loved how the magic was dealt with. So when i found out there was going to be a sequel to it i just had to read it. Now i wont sugarcoat it getting this book was hard work, i have never seen such miscommunication about the release of a book before; every site seemed to have different dates, so it was hard to know which one was the real one. But i have it now and i loved it. This review will contain spoilers for the first book, so if you have not read that, leave now.

It takes place after the event’s of The Graces; Wolf has been brought back from the dead and River has been ostracised from the Graces’ lives. The Curses is told from Summer Grace’s perspective, so it’s very different from the narrator that River was. River was overall a lot more unlikable than Summer, and while I really liked that i know that a lot of people didn’t, so if what’s holding you back from picking this up is the fear that Summer is as unlikeable as River there’s nothing to worry about.

I haven’t read many books where magic is the main focus; oftentimes it’s just a background element, but I do know that i absolutely adore the way Eve manges to write the magic into the story in a way where you actually start to believe it’s real.

So many people think magic isn’t real. This, I know for certain, isn’t true. Magic can be found everywhere and often if you go after it and don’t wait for it to find you. In those kinds of moments, the universe seems to make complete and utter sense; everything is connected and alive.

I have never seen magic described like this before, it always seems so far of, and like something you will never be able to reach. But the magic in these books, make you feel like it’s something you can reach out and touch, like there are no limitations to your own magic. This to me marks Eve as a phenomenal writer, that she’s able to take something usually so imaginary and fantastical and make it tangible and palpable.

The characters are still as unlikable in this book as they were in The Graces, and while Summer is more likeable as a narrator than River was, she is still not a good person. All the characters are selfish, they do things because they want to not because it will help others, and that’s fine.

Some people deserve what’s coming for them, it had told me in our own cellar that night, and it was right.

We drew closer. I let the gorgeous, full anticipation of vengeance squeeze me in its grip. It felt delicious, the sweet release of giving in when i had held out so very, very long. I was tired of holding out. Tired of being good. It was too hard.

Better this way. So much easier.

I love unlikable characters. They seem a lot more realistic to me, no person in this world is likeable to everyone, and trying to make characters that are, while passing them off as realistic is just, unrealistic. Realistic and unlikable characters like the ones seen in these books, make the worlds seem just that much more genuine. This again adds to the whole, magic seems real. Because if these unlikable realistic characters can do it, why can’t I?

Another important theme in the book, which we also saw a lot of in the previous book is family. Both in the biological family, that is the Graces. But also in the chosen family, that is the coven, or the enakelgh as it’s called in the book.

The Curses is a great addition to The Graces, and I can see a lot of people liking this one a lot more than the first one if not just because of the narration change. Once again magic and realistic magic are at the centre, and it manages to make you feel magical in the same way The Graces did.



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