Review: Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy by Ally Carter

Or maybe crying is like everything else we do—it’s best if you don’t get caught.

When I finished the first book in this series I knew that i wanted to read the next. Not because it was epic, and so insanely good I just had to, no I simply just found myself being entertained by the Gallagher girls, and i wanted to continue.

That being said I did go into this book expecting to like it more than the first one, I knew based on friends and goodreads, that most people feels the series gets better after the first one. It was better that I will say, it wasn’t as superficial, and it felt more intense – like there was actually something on the line for these characters. The character, and especially Cammie, felt more grown up. She is no longer a young girl in love with the wrong guy, she’s a girl at a spy school.

In this book we get introduced the Blackthorne boys. The students from another spy school – this one for boys. The introduction of same aged boys, within their field, adds a fun layer to read, we get to see al these girls interact with a bunch of boys when they’ve never really interacted with any before. And honestly it’s really funny to read.

Now this book obviously has some pining Cammie, she’s sad about Josh, but she just likes all the other girls is interested in these new boys. The characters in the book are still rather young, and the series is still geared towards younger readers, so any romantic elements aren’t centre stage, they’re on the side, to leave room for the sisterhood.

“Hi, Blackthorne Boy.” Since I wasn’t supposed to know the Blackthorne Institute for Boys even existed, there was a split second when I had the upper hand.”

I would say that sisterhood plays an even bigger role in this book than it did in the first book. Not because it’s discussed more, or because the girls spend more time together. No I feel that the sisterhood has more place here, because of the introduction of boys, the sisterhood gets challenged by an outside threat. 

The Gallagher girls keep being the same sister they were before, and they don’t let any of the boys get between them. Instead they consult each other, and I personally find it refreshing not to see girls fight over boys, to the point of ruining the friendship.

Gallagher Girls study. We prepare. We never do anything halfway. But most of all, we don’t let anyone—not even fifteen Blackthorne Boys—come between us.

Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy is a great sequel, it ups the intensity just enough for it to still be fun and believable, but still manage to be overall carefree.



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