Review: The Case for Jamie by Brittany Cavallaro

I had, lately, been coming to terms with the knowledge that I could be cruel.

After the ending to The Last of August, one feels inclined to continue straight onto the next book. The Last of August lets off in a place, where you find yourself desperate for any meaning to it all. And my, does this book deliver. At least to me it does, it does seem to be the kind of book readers either love or hate, and I was one of the readers who loved it.

The book starts off one year after the murder of August Moriarty, and in all this time Charlotte and Jamie haven’t been in contact, he’s at Sherringford, she’s hunting Lucien Moriarty. This means that we get to know the characters as they appear without each other, they both suffer the loss of the other as if missing a limb. This causes angst, which is one of my favourite genres of fiction.

I loved reading about how the two kept trying to move on from the other, while still finding themselves reverting back to old patterns, and how they kept trying to work off of the other person. The two of them being separate means they develop a lot, both for good and for bad. But personally I enjoyed the directions both of the characters went in.

I loved her like you would the person you’d always wanted to be, and in return I would have followed her anywhere, excused any action, fought to keep her hoisted high on her throne.

The mystery in this book plays out much differently than the mysteries in the previous books, where Holmes and Watson had always spent the book working out the mystery together, they had to do so alone in this. At points it actually gets infuriating, because as a reader you know more about the case, than either of them, because of the dual POV, so you end up getting frustrated they can’t just work it out together.

The mystery itself was very interesting, and although the reader knows a lot, there were still a lot of interesting plot-twists. This book keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through, and you wont want to put it down.

I couldn’t look at them, either of them, Holmes or Holmes, two faces of the same terrible god staring out in opposite directions.

I’d say The Case for Jamie, is my favourite book in this series, because of its’ infuriating mystery and its’ amazing plot twists, but mostly for the development the characters went through.



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