Exam Season and Personal Update

If you’re a regular reader or even if you aren’t, you may have noticed my sporadic at best uploading schedule lately. You might even have noticed that I’ve written a total of 2 LitCrits in all of 2019.

I am currently a senior in high school, and I’ll be graduating in about a month, so my entire spring semester since new years, has been rather stressful. I’ve tried making this blog a priority in my life, but as I’ve prioritized schoolwork, it’s taken a toll on the blog. I have been reading a lot more this year though, so I haven’t been short on books to write about, this means that I’ve been able to write some of the reviews weeks in advance. But sometimes I didn’t have the time to do this, which is how we’ve ended up with weeks where only 1 review was posted.

I’m writing this post, not only to tell you why it’s been so silent, but also to forewarn you that it might become even more quiet when exams start. I’ll be starting them a week from now, starting with written exams, and then i have 5 weeks to prepare for and do my oral exams. This might result in less blog posts, and less reviews, both because I don’t have the time to write them, but also because I’ll most likely be reading less.

LitCrits in particular is something i miss writing, but they contain a rather high amount of research, which is not something I’ve found myself having the time to do, so therefore that’s been what suffered the most. After i finish my exams I hope to start writing them again.

I wrote this blog post as both an explanation but also as a notice that I’ll most likely be even more inactive. I hope you understand and that I’ll see you back here soon.






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