Week in Review: YA RomCom Binge (June 7th- June 13th)

When 2019 was ending and Goodreads asked me to assign a number of book to read in 120 I put in 120. I did this because my friend told me it would be fun, but at that point I honestly believed I would be able to do it, I did read 119 books in 2019 what was adding just one more book. Well i’m no longer so sure I’ll be able to finish, every time I open Goodreads the little challenge thumbnail is tormenting me and telling me I’m 25 books behind.

Now, what does this have to do with the title of this post? Well, I had honestly started to believe I was no longer able to read a book in less than a week, and before June 7th I had only read about three books since February. But I have in this past week realised that I am indeed capable of still reading books fast. That’s also why I’m writing this week in review instead of individual reviews, the thought of having to write full reviews of all of these is nothing short of exhausting. And if I’m being completely honest I’ve read so many ya romcoms lately that some of the plot points are starting to bleed together which would just make writing full reviews even more difficult.

But anyways here’s the books I’ve read in the past week:

Title: Clique Bait

Author: Ann Valett

Genre: Young Adult Mystery & Thriller

Page Count: 368 pages

Rating: ★★★★★

This book isn’t actually a YA romcom but it is the book that started this binge so I feel it deserves a spot on this list.

Clique Bait is a revenge story, following Chloe who promises to take revenge on the popular clique at her high school after they did something terrible to her best friend. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it’s the exact kind of book where I read it I feel like it was written specifically for me. It was a fun book which still managed to cover some more important topics, and the romance was really nice for a revenge story.

Title: By The Book

Author: Amanda Sellet

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Page Count: 384 Pages

Rating: ★★★★✩

This book is a fun read. It’s not phenomenal by any means but it has a quick pace and it’s ridiculous enough that I was never bored. I was surprised when I started this book and the main character was 15 years old, since I had expected it to be like late high school, and not early high school. But once I got over that it became a nice book, I did feel that the second half of the book was much better than the first though, but yeah it’s a cute ya book that’s quick to read.

Title: It Sounded Better in My Head

Author: Nina Kenwood

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Page Count: 272 pages

Rating: ★★★★✩

When I first stated this book I was confused, not because of the plot or anything simply because it’s set in Australia and somehow it took me half the book to realise that their school year ends in what’s winter in the northern hemisphere. But apart from this it was a great book, it was probably one of the more angsty books on this list and for that I really enjoyed it. It had a great mix of romance and friendship and managed to sprinkle in some angst in both of those.

Title: The Upside of Falling

Author: Alex Light

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Page Count: 288 Pages

Rating: ★★★★✩

This book was great, it’s main relationship was a fake relationship and it was really nice to see them go from strangers to friends to falling in love. And the main character is an avid romance reader, and there was multiple nice scenes including said books in the story. The story also had a great focus on family and the main character being a child of divorce and having to start believing in love again. It also has a cheerleading ex-best friend, so that’s something extremely up my alley.

Title: What I Like About You

Author: Marisa Kanter

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Page Count: 416 Pages

Rating: ★★★★✩

When i read the premise of this book I was intrigued for a lot of different reasons, but mainly how easy it would be to make bad. The entire book focuses on internet culture and relationships created and developed online, and I’ve read a lot of books where the author’s use of internet culture comes off as very out of touch and almost condescending. But this book managed to actually make it feel realistic. The actual story of the book was also really nice it focused to just on the romance but also the main character breaking out of her shell and trying to make friends in a place where she can’t protect herself with her internet identity.

Title: Tweet Cute

Author: Emma Lord

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Page Count: 368 Pages

Rating: ★★★★✩

This book was very enjoyable to read, it focuses on two teens at a private New York high school who become responsible for running a twitter feud for their parents businesses, while also falling in love through an anonymous messaging app. This serves for some great tension between both in real life but also online. Them falling in love with people they think are someone else also causes some great angst of having to come to terms with which love is bigger.

Title: Finding Mr. Better Than You

Author: Shani Petroff

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary, Coming of Age

Page Count: 249 Pages

Rating: ★★★★✩

This book definitely leans more coming of age than it does romcom, it focuses on Camrym who just started senior year of high school and her boyfriend of three years just broke up with her. So a lot of the book is spent on her trying to figure out who she is when she isn’t in a relationship, this means that there is a huge focus on her friendships. This came as a surprise for me as i was expecting this to be more romcom like, but once I started reading it as coming of age instead it was an enjoyable book.

Title: How to Speak boy

Author: Tiana Smith

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Page Count: 288 Pages

Rating: ★★★★✩

If you like the Netflix movie Candy Jar you’ll like this book. It has much of the same premise but with the added plot of pen-pals. Its follows Quinn and Grayson who are co-captains of the school’s speech and debate team and have been competitors for a long time, so this book includes some great angst, with them getting over their competitiveness and learning to trust each other. The pen-pal plot is also great cause it adds a great conflict of Quinn developing feelings for both Grayson and her pen-pal at the same time and having to figure out her feelings and just which one she cares about more.

Those were all the books i read this week and I’d like to say that 8 books in 7 days is impressive especially for someone who says she’s in a reading slump, so let’s just hope I’ll be able to keep this up and actually catch up to the Goodreads challenge.

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