Week in Review: June 14th – June 27th

I have decided to make Week in Review a weekly instalment. I am doing this both to keep myself accountable to actually read every week but also to keep track of the books I do read along with my thought on them and mini reviews.

Now you may notice that this week’s Week in Review spans two weeks, there are two simple reasons for this; one, I didn’t have the motivation to do it last week, and two, I haven’t read a lot so writing about two weeks instead of one takes up more space than one week.

 Meet Me at Midnight

Author: Jessica Pennington

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary & Romance

Page Count: 336 pages

Rating: ★★★★✩

I wanted to like this more than I did, but i found it to be a kind of slow for the first half or so of the book. But what I really did like was the relationship between the main characters, and how they evolve and grow together and eventually have to accept all the mistakes they made. So once you get halfway into the book it’s a good read and rather fast-paced.

 Four Days of You and Me

Author: Miranda Kenneally

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary & Romance

Page Count: 352 pages

Rating: ★★★★★

I loved this book so much you don’t even understand. I was kind of hesitant to go into this book because the reviews on Goodreads lean more negative than good. But by the first chapter I was hooked and I read the entire book in one night. It’s not a lighthearted contemporary like some of the other books I’ve read in the past, multiple times throughout the novel the relationship between the main characters become toxic and unhealthy, but that was part of what made it so good for me, you saw the characters grow over the four years, and change in ways that’s realistic from someone in high school. So if you want to read a young adult contemporary book where the characters grow and the relationship isn’t always unrealistically happy then add this book to your TBR.

 All Your Twisted Secrets

Author: Diana Urban

Genre: Young Adult Mystery & Thriller

Page Count: 400 pages

Rating: ★★★★✩

If you like books about characters and their flaws then you’ll enjoy this book. The story draws on locked room mysteries and examines how for people are willing to go when they think they’re in danger. I enjoyed this book for the reason I usually enjoy young adult thrillers – for showing the reader just how horrible teenagers can be to themselves and others.

 Making Friends with Alize Dyson

Author: Poppy Nwosu

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary & Romance

Page Count: 276 pages

Rating: ★★★★✩

This is another book that suffered from a slow start. But once again once it picked I couldn’t put it down again. This is another one of those books I didn’t realise was set in Australia until an embarrassingly long way into the book. So up until that point (and at random points throughout the story) my confusion about seasons or school years slowed down my reading. But this is completely on me and has nothing to do with the writing. Which was great and dealt with growing relationships and growing apart from your friends amazingly.

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