My 2018 in Books

2018 hasn’t been a very good year for me reading wise, while I did still read 32 books so far in 2018 it’s still quite a step back from the 75 i read last year. that being said, I did a lot of productive things this year, both book wise and non book wise.

The obvious thing I did in the book world this year was start this blog. I started it in early september, and through a bit irregular at times, i have held on to it. You might not know this but in my life I’ve had a total of about three book blogs, this being the third one, and the first two died within a few weeks, both because  Iwasn’t good at english and tried to write in a language i wasn’t comfortable with, but also because i was 13-15 and didn’t know how to do this consistently.

That is not to say that this blog has been consistent, because it really hasn’t. But I haven’t given up on it and that’s what matters. That being said, my one and only new years resolution will be to write my posts in better time, to hopefully  have as many days without blog post. i will make it a commitment to actually post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Now onto the actual books. As mentioned before I read 32 books this year, and i wont go too much into depth with them, but i will talk briefly about the ones I liked the most. Just remember that I am currently reading Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand, so that might knock some of these down.

I have an entire review on this book, which you can read here. but I think one of the major reasons why I liked this book so much, was because it’s set in a fictionalized historical Denmark, so I felt kind of at home in the traditions shown. Also who doesn’t love a villain arc for one of Hans Christian Andersons most known fairytales?

It’s a perfect night for burning witches.

I love Dark Academia, that no hidden secret, I love the genre, and I’m overall willing to read anything that even slightly resembles it (I even have a blog post on the genre, here.) That’s why I picked up If We Were Villains this summer, and I liked it a lot more than I expected to, I loved the characters, I loved the setting, and I loved the plot. Overall one of my all time favourite books.

Actors are by nature volatile—alchemic creatures composed of incendiary elements, emotion and ego and envy. Heat them up, stir them together, and sometimes you get gold. Sometimes disaster.

I love The Darkest Minds series, and so I naturally had to read The Darkest Legacy when that came out. I wont talk too much about it since it is a continuation of The Darkest Minds, but just know that i really loved it.

Hard exteriors could hide soft hearts, a chosen family could be more important than a blood one… and even the safest of places could be made into a trap.

It should come as no surprise to you that An Ember in the Ashes is one of my favourite series, and A Reaper at the gates is probably my favourite book in the series to far, I wont talk about the plot or anything at all, but I’m just gonna say that i really love this series, and this book.

Skies save me from the men in my life and all the things they think they know.


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