Review: United We Spy by Ally Carter

These people don’t care about you or your country. They just want governments to fall and chaos to rule.

United We Spy marks the end of a wonderful series. We get an action packed ending filled with backstabbing and new alliances. They have the list of the members od the inner circle and so does Catherine, the Circle is no longer actively trying to kill Cammie, it seems like life is finally going back to normal for her. But as Zach and the girls set out on a mission to track down the last names on the list they get more than they bargained for.

Now this book has changed so much since the first book, no longer is the main problem Cammie falling in love, instead it’s breaking into prisons and hiding from terrorists organisations. I for one really love this transition, and I really appreciate how the content of the books has matured with the characters. They were 15 in the first book and 18 in this, and it’s just amazing to see how much they’ve developed.

As I mentioned before I love how much the characters have developed throughout these books, and just within this one book how much they’ve developed. My favourite part of this series has always been the characters and their relationships with each other.

Even though the chapters have aged and matured, it is still the sisterhood that matters the most to them and when someone is a threat to that sisterhood it becomes a problem for every one of them. And I know I’ve said this before, but I just loved how it was always the female friendship that took centre stage, and not a romance.

We were sisters. And that wasn’t going to end with graduation.

We finally got a conclusion on the Circle and I found them to be really great antagonists, they had a clear goal, that one could understand, and maybe even sympathise with. For me I need to be able to sympathise with the villains in order to find the, interesting to read about.

I was once again taken back by the twist ending, this and Out of Sight, Out of Time were the only two books, that manged to actually surprise me at the ending, and I personally really loved the ending. It might have been a little cliché but at the same time it was believable. The ending was nice without being overtly corny.

Turns out, you can take the girl out of the spy school, but you can never take the spy school out of the girl.

United We Spy was a great conclusion to a great series. Throughout the while series, the level of intensity has been raised with every book, ending with this action packed, and amazing book.



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