Review: Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover by Ally Carter

Sometimes people run… to see if you’ll come after them.

Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover is where thing start getting really interesting for the Gallagher girls, the book starts of with Cammie and Macey almost being kidnapped when in Boston. This marks the book as already more serious than the two before, past are the days of CoveOp assignments and tests, instead the girls are faced with real threats from outside the school grounds.

This increase in intensity makes the book more enjoyable than the last few to read. You can tell by the way it’s written that Cammie and the girls are no longer the 15-year olds they were in the first book, instead they’re teenagers, who’ve finally come face to face with the first real threat of their lives.

The heightened risks for the girls mean that we get to see them all in new elements, they’re developing – both as characters but also as people. I loved seeing them develop with each other, and it was clear to me as a reader how much of a sisterhood these girls really are.

I especially loved how the relationship between Cammie, Bex, Liz, and Macey changed, in the past two books, you have been able to feel how Macey still felt a little outside the rest of them. That changed in this book, and Macey finally started feeling like a respected part of the friend-group.

And just like that I remembered that Liz was probably the most dangerous one of us all.

We get introduced to the circle, and it’s a very interesting antagonist. As far as spy stories go, having the antagonist being a terrorist organisation isn’t very original, but once again I do not come to these books for originality and amazing stories, I come here for fun reading. And I definitely feel like i got that here.

The Circle can definitely be developed in a way that matches the increasing levels of suspense I’ve been seeing in the past few books. I’m really interested to see how Carter decides to do this, and how much more the characters learn from it and develop.

If Joseph Cavan’s followers want to settle the score with Gillian Gallagher’s great-great-grand- daughter, then they’re going to deal with all of us, and that doesn’t necessarily include you.

Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover sees an even more heightened level of intensity and drama to the three previous books, the girls come face to face with they first real threat and a result hereof start growing even more.



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