A Personal Update – And Why I Hate November

I haven’t been writing many blog posts in November, and for that I’m terribly sorry. I can sit here for hours and come up with many different excuses and why it’s not my fault, but the truth is that it is my fault. I am terrible a time management, and i have had a stressful month, so blog posts were just never prioritized.

I have a big project coming up in December, the biggest one of my high school career actually, so i have been spending a lot of time preparing and organizing for that. This has been part of the reason as to why i haven’t been posting, because it’s simply causes so much stress.

This project with the added effort of everyday homework and regular assignment have simply meant, that blog posts haven’t been a priority for me.

Now you may ask what the title is about, and why i hate November. My hatred of november comes down to two things, geographical forces, and social forces.

The geographical forces, simply because the days have started being horrendously short. Now i live in Denmark, so it is quite far north, but i could never imagine living anywhere even more north, because the sun is only out for a maximum of 9 hours a day really right now, and i know it will be worse in december. The effect that these short days have on me is that i sleep a lot more than i do during the summer where the sun is in the sky for 11 hours a day. This simply means that i don’t have as much time on my hands to do what i want to do as i  did in the summer. I also find that even through i sleep so much more, i still have very little energy when i do awake, which can probably be credited to missing vitamin d, and not taking my supplements.

The Social forces i wa talking about are all centered around Christmas. I love christmas like everyone else, but the stress that christmas creates in the month of November i don’t love. There is all the pressure of figuring out which presents to give people and what you should put on your own wish list. This doesn’t seem big, but when you already sleep 9 hours a day, and you have school work to do, it really is a lot, and it’s very hard to grasp it all.

November is also the month of NANO and while i love the concept of NANO i have never been able to finish, and i have also stopped this year because of stress. NANO, as much as i love it, really just made my days and weeks of November a lot more stressed than they had to be.

That will be all for this time, I will look forward to posting, hopefully, a lot more regularly, but if i go MIA you now know why.

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